PowerProduction Software is celebrating over a decade of creating software for the Hollywood production community. The co-founders are graduates of USC Film Production who have worked extensively in the media field: from broadcast television, commercial production, feature and indie film making and now digital media. The rest of the company partners/staff are all immersed in media production of all kinds.

PowerProductions’ philosophy on software design is to make the software do what YOU need it to do, not make you bend to what the software wants done. Make sense? It would, if you've had to learn to use programs that have been created by programmers who know what computers can do, but know nothing about how creatives work.

The company’s two major products are:
StoryBoard Artist storyboard software is designed for media savvy professionals who want to create amazing looking storyboards for film, video production, animation, broadcast, education or any type of media development. With its rich feature set and customizable outputs (including export to QuickTime, Flash and Final Cut Pro and Avid NLE's), StoryBoard Artist is a perfect combination of creativity and graphic organizer to take your project to the next level. Learn more now!

StoryBoard Quick is the easy-to-use, easy-to-learn storyboard software to produce amazing, stylish, professional storyboards. Grab from a great collection of pre-drawn graphics - props, locations and new colorizable characters. Type or import your screenplay from scriptwriting software applications and print out in a variety of formats. Learn more now!

You can visit their website at www.powerproduction.com.