The first and most obvious benefit of offering on-site video and streaming to your business, convention, and seminar clients is return on investment. We provide the hardware, the technical expertise, the uplinks, the downlinks, on-line storage, on-site duplications, post production and any other video related services your client may require. Of course, if there are any services that you prefer to supply directly, we will gladly yield to you to provide those yourself.

2. What we provide

Typically, we provide 3 robotically operated broadcast-quality cameras, a digital switcher, a basic light system, character generator and a skilled technical director to insure proper set up and operation. A TD assistant is also usually required. We can provide one or use some locally, as the assistant position requires a modes skill level. We can also provide just about anything else necessary for the production such as mixers, mics, projectors, screens, etc though often these are items that the in-house AV people prefer to provide as they represent profit opportunities to the hotel.

3. Advantages:

The advantage of robotic cameras is clear, significant reduction in labor costs, travel, and per diems being the most obvious. Because these cameras are relatively small, they are unobtrusive and afford placement opportunities not possible with conventional cameras including inverting the picture 180 degrees.

The bottom line is that you will be able to offer multi-camera production values to your clients for not too much more than single-camera production and for a fraction of the cost of a full-blown production involving a much larger crew.

Hugely important is the built-in ability to offer real-time or time delayed Internet streaming to your clients. The cost of conducting business meetings, conventions and seminars is skyrocketing. The cost to attend these events is estimated at about $900 per day, per person. Based on those numbers, a little simple math will quickly show that almost any group will save enough money to pay for the production costs many times over by streaming rather than traveling. In some cases, it’s likely that they’ll be able to book an event that they could not otherwise afford. Additionally, if it’s an event requires a paid admission, the potential profits from selling links to the live streaming could easily dwarf the revenues of on-site attendance. Plus, there are the advantages of having the program permanently available for its informational, training, or sales value.

4. Rates:

Rates will often vary depending on a number of factors as each project is unique, but a general rule of thumb is $2,500 for the 1st day and $1,500 per day thereafter, plus rooms and per diems if required. This leaves plenty of margins, which can actually exceed the cost of our services.

5. Transparency:

We can easily represent AVI or any particular property rather than ourselves as the service providers including wearing AVI apparel etc.


We provide full streaming services either by utilizing in-house bandwidth (if adequate) or employing outside services as needed.