EEFX's chroma key Foam-backed backdrops are highly regarded in the film industry for many reasons.

Unlike competing paper, paint, and other chroma key fabrics, EEFX's backdrops have a top layer composed of millions of tiny loops that break up the light rays by absorbing and scattering them. This allows the user to easily light the backdrop evenly with minimal effort! The foam core also gives their fabric a unique stretchiness and resilience to wrinkles, and a reinforced nylon backing makes it extremely durable. All their backdrops are made in EEFX facilities and can be customized to  the specifications of your next project or studio. Recent EEFX.COM Clients include the SVN Broadcast Center, Warner Brothers*, Fox*, Disney*, Food Network*,  and many more!...(Click to read more about the eefx fabric)
MOST other chroma key fabric backdrops are thin, highly susceptible to wrinkles and must be finished on all sides to prevent them from unraveling on the edges. These backdrops are commonly muslin, cotton, polyester or cotton/poly blends. Because of the three layer laminate design, EEFX foam-backed fabric is extremely strong and will not fray or unravel on the edges. It is also the thickest, most wrinkle resistant fabric in the industry. Since foam-backed backdrops are NOT dyed after manufacturing, you are getting a true Chroma-key backdrop that is machine washable. Their fabric has gained a reputation of being the number one used Chroma-Key material in the industry.
We have found them to be an honest visual effects company that not only sells green screens, but  other accessories. Their pricing is very school-friendly, so important in today’s economy. You can reach them by email at [email protected] or by phone: 805.462.EEFX(3339)