Klover Products, Inc., is likely the largest manufacturer of long-range, parabolic microphones in the world.

Klover MiK™ parabolic microphones have been used to broadcast the Super Bowl, World Series, MLB All-Star game, NBA All-Star game, NCAA men’s basketball tournament, PGA golf Fox 375tournaments, and Rio Olympics. They are also used for search and rescue, and surveillance applications.

Fox Sports has used the Klover MiK™ parabolic microphones exclusively for football broadcasts since 2012. In 2011, the audio engineers from Fox Sports determined that they needed better long-range microphones on the sidelines of football games. As a result, Fox Sports asked their preferred vendors if they were interested in developing a “true” parabolic microphone.

One of the vendors approached was Patrick Santini who suppled temporary stages and structures to the television broadcast industry. His company’s stages have been seen at nearly every major sporting event such as: the MLB All-Star game, the World Series, the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl. Patrick did not employ a full-time engineer, instead he used an engineering company operated by Paul Terpsta.

Together Paul & Patrick developed a prototype parabolic microphone for Fox, and it was tested in the later portion of the 2011/2012 NFL season. Those tests resulted in Fox wanting to purchase a large number of the new parabolics but neither Patrick’s, nor Paul’s company was setup to manufacture them.

paul crew 220x220Klover Products was founded by Patrick, Paul, and Paul’s wife in the spring of 2012, with the intent of producing the safest, highest performance, most flexible parabolic microphones available. In 2018, Patrick decided to concentrate on his other businesses and sold his portion of the business to Paul and Diane.

Paul has over 35 years of experience in engineering related to automated industrial equipment. He has operated an engineering consulting company, Innalytical Solutions, since 2004 and has received 11 U. S. patents over his career.

Since its beginning, Klover Products has expanded its line of parabolic microphones and is constantly striving to bring new products to the klover web 2016audio/video industry. Three sizes of parabolic microphones are offered as well as a more user-friendly version of the smallest model, The Sound Shark, for the non-broadcast markets.

Visit their website at: https://kloverproducts.com/ and check out the Sound Shark at: https://kloverproducts.com/sound-shark/