Henry Engineering is a manufacturer of professional broadcasting equipment used by radio and TV stations.

Henry Engineering was founded in 1982 by Hank Landsberg. Our motto is We Build Solutions because our products solve problems!  Problems of audio interface, studio systems control, audio mixing, switching and distribution…issues that broadcast and audio engineers often encounter when building or upgrading their facilities.  When “you can’t get there from here” there’s a good chance a Henry Engineering product will save the day!Hank 275

Hank designs all Henry Engineering products.  He’s been interested in broadcasting, electronics, and communication since an early age, getting his FCC “Ham Radio” license at age 13.  After working as a Chief Engineer in the broadcasting industry for several years, he started Henry Engineering in 1982. The company is lean and efficient, able to respond to industry demands quickly. A perfect example of this is SportsCaster, a product which came about after a few phone conversations with sports-broadcast producers who couldn’t find any equipment to handle the complex task of managing the audio portion of play-by-play audio.  Six months later, SportsCaster was ready to ship. Problem solved!

SportsCaster 600

We’re really excited about SportsCaster. It’s manages all aspects play-by-play audio: talent mic mixing, headphone audio control, and intercom. SportsCaster has all necessary facilities for your Talent, a Field Reporter, Producer, and Camera Operators. It’s easy to install, understand, and use.

Like SportsCaster, all Henry Engineering products are effective, robust, and affordable. They provide exceptional performance, intuitive operation, and bulletproof reliability. Broadcasting demands 100% reliability, 24/7, and every Henry product delivers it. Thousands of our products are still in use after 30 years of service!

LOGO COLORSince 1982, Henry Engineering has shipped over 120,000 products to users worldwide.  Our first product, The Matchbox, is still in production with over 60,000 units in use. We’re proud of the dozens of awards we’ve received over the past 35+ years. It’s the result of listening to our customers’ needs, then creating products to meet those needs. Tell us your problem and we’ll help you solve it.  We Build Solutions! The entire product lineup can be seen by visiting www.henryeng.com.

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