P.I. Engineering designs, manufactures, sells, and supports the X-keys brand of computer control devices.

X-keys offers instantly customizable keypads, keyboards, and analog controls to control virtually any application on a computer or tablet.


Video switching, editing, lighting and theatre controls are only a few of the applications where X-keys control programs in schools, sporting arenas, studios, and offices worldwide.PI HiRez Blue Logo400x400 Broadcast engineers, lighting professionals, and AV technicians keep X-keys in their tool kit to provide quick control solutions in an ever-evolving technical environment. Computers control everything, and X-keys control computers. You can check out their website here: www.xkeys.com

P.I. Engineering was founded in 1993 and is located in Williamston, Michigan. Their first product was the Y-mouse Serial Dual Mouse Adapter. X-keys programmable controls launched in 1997 and have evolved to keep pace with computer technology. Distribution, sales, and support are headquartered in their home office in Williamston. Products, including the X-keys control devices are available from their website (xkeys.com), Amazon, B & H Photo, CDW, and many other electronics and computer peripheral resellers.


vMixT bar 250X-keys for vMix

vMix is versatile live video production software that allows you to mix cameras, video, audio and graphics to create great live productions. These productions can then be displayed, recorded and live streamed at the same time. X-keys gives vMix users a dedicated control surface with physical buttons that can control virtually anything.

X-keys for NewTek TriCasterNewTek128 250

P.I. Engineering has long provided X-keys controls for TriCaster as a member of the NewTek Developer Network. With this new integration, X-keys buttons and controls will be instantly available in TriCaster for triggering assignable functions.

LiveEvent 250X-keys for Live Event Control

Broken Centrifuge Productions setup our X-keys XKE-128 and uses a combination of Black Magic ATEM, Caspar CG, and Black Magic HyperDeck, with Just Macros by Visual Information Systems Ltd.

For more information on any of these products, contact P. I. Engineering at 517-655-5523 or visit their site at xkeys.com.

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