Founded on years of streaming live video and working with clients just like you, Stream Dudes understand that finding the right solutions are not always easy.

Based on our personal industry experiences, we’ve done our best to minimize the pain that often comes along with procuring the equipment and services you need for streaming live video.Vmix

Over the years, we have witnessed a lot of confusion over what is needed, what is required, and how to sensibly evolve your program, logically and financially. Sure, there are a lot of options for video production equipment, but not everyone needs the most expensive to get the best results. We feel that as you procure the gear you need; you should be confident that it won’t be obsolete in a year or two. That being said, buying and using video production equipment should be educational, inspirational, AND fun!

Everyone doesn’t need the same gear, yet there are some solutions that just simply make sense and work well. One of our specialties is to determineAtomos your needs for today, and how to grow with your needs for tomorrow. This philosophy gives our clients piece of mind, knowing that our recommendations are based on your future goals.

In education, we understand that budget tends to be a guiding principal with regards to acquisition. We haveAJA successfully worked with educational institutions to provide long-term plans that respect budgets, while creating a path to obtaining the equipment they need. Given the rapid advancement in the industry, this isn’t always easy – and yes we have recommended to some customers to wait a little longer to get what they really need. PTZ

Because every person, department, and school is different, there is not one right answer for everyone. As such, we have created EDU Packs which are designed to allow for customization, expansion; and support new, and emerging technology. We’re here to help you cut through the marketing-machines and create solutions that are easy to setup, use, and provide educational value to students.


Contact us today at (715) 972-DUDE to set up a time to talk about your goals - we would love to hear from you. or visit our site at for more information.


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