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Datavideo designs and manufactures a broad range of high-quality video production equipment for prosumers and professionals. Datavideo US, located in Southern
California, partners up with various organizations and institutions in different vertical markets but specializes in the education market to provide complete video production equipment to schools all over the country. No other video production manufacturer can provide a complete studio from one company.

The Datavideo mission is to provide schools with equipment that is easy to use, is reliable and is affordable. Datavideo’s, Mobile HD and Mobile SD Studios are great examples of complete video production solutions that are great for sporting events and school shows. They also offer a virtual studio (TVS-1000) that comes with a virtual set maker so that you don’t have to build sets or film on location. Instead, students can take photos with a point and shoot camera or smartphone, upload them into the TVS-1000 virtual set maker, and make their own set. "Datavideo’s TVS- 1000 is an exciting new product that will take school morning news announcements and presentations to another level," says Craig Moffat, Managing Director.

The Datavideo product line includes: Switchers, Monitors, Character Generators, Digital Recorders, Time Base Correctors, Chromakey Systems and much more. To make your purchase decision easier, Datavideo offers product packages that provide you with everything you need to create your production from one manufacturer.

Datavideo also offers educational-based materials like the Datavideo Exploring Video Curriculum, which covers video basics like: setting up a camera, composition, editing, production and more. "We plan on offering another curriculum in the near future using the Datavideo product line," says Moffat.

As the video/tech industry continues to grow, keeping up with the technological advances can be challenging. That is why Datavideo’s Customer Support team is committed to delivering the best service in the industry. Datavideo offers free video tutorials that are available online for many of their products, along with special programs like the CG Training program where live online interactive training is available with one of Datavideo's CG experts.

Datavideo Product Highlights

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The TVS-1000 is a trackless, live virtual studio system in a box. The 5-in-1 design consists of a virtual studio system, a video switcher, a character generator, a video recorder, and a streaming encoder. Users can switch and display media files (pictures and video) as elements of the set or over the full screen. Simply point a camera at a green screen, and key in one of over 25 included virtual studio backgrounds to have a professional news set or entertainment show. Or use the easy-to-use interface to create brand new environments out of the box. The program output can be recorded to a file and streamed to the internet simultaneously, using most major CDNs (content distribution networks), such as UStream and Twitch.tv or smaller CDNs that use RTMP for connectivity.

With the TVS-1000, it’s simple to switch the show with the included RMC-220 professional control panel (with t-bar) and support for automatic and manual virtual camera moves for panning and zooming. The TVS-1000 is an excellent choice for the student or professional seeking an easy-to-operate, low-cost passage into the world of virtual sets.

To learn more about the TVS-1000, check out these videos:

TVS-1000 Where will your imagination take you?

TVS-1000 for Education

TVS-1000 Broadcast Yourself

The HS-2200 is a complete mobile studio solution with an integrated 17” monitor, a built in title creator for CG functionality, and an 8-channel intercom system that comes with 4x belt packs, headsets and tally lights for communicating with the camera crew. The cost effective 6-input, 10 bit broadcast-quality mobile switcher is the ideal school studio HD switcher. The rugged casing provides excellent protection and has a lock feature to protect your equipment over night. The HS-2200 is so portable you can hand carry the switcher to any field production, which makes is great for school sporting events, school plays and award ceremonies.

Datavideo’s TP-300B teleprompter kit is the most affordable prompter solution on the market. Students can prepare presentations on any iPad or tablet, and then attach it to the TP-300B. Students will also have the ability to control the speed of the prompter with a blue-tooth remote control while they are on camera.

Connect your existing laptop to the TC-200 to update your switcher with amazing CG software. Create the graphics from your laptop and now you have a down-stream key for a fraction of the cost of an integrated PC with SDI card. The TC-200 is a must for any school studio looking for a CG solution.

The Datavideo NVS-20 is a broadcast-quality H.264 HD video streaming server that provides LIVE program production and broadcast encoding for the internet. With the NVS-20, you can encode any video production through Ethernet or wireless network then connect to Ustream, Livestream or any other online service. Whether your final output is HD-SDI or HDMI, the NVS-20 connects to your switcher and encodes your production for you.

To learn more about Datavideo, please visit their website at www.datavideo.us, or subscribe to their newsletter at www.datavideo.us/subscribe


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