Thousands of EZNews & EZPrompt educational users should be very pleased to learn that their software is now a product of Ross Video as they recently acquired these product lines from La Crosse, Wisconsin based Automated Data Systems.

Ross Video designs, manufactures and supports a wide range of innovative products for use in video production applications including award winning production switchers (Vision, Carbonite & CrossOver), XPression character generators, BlackStorm video servers, the Inception News Management System, the OverDrive automated production control systems & much more.

Current EZNews customers may continue to use their EZNews software & continue to receive EZNews support.

EZNews systems clients current on their EZNews Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) Coverage are eligible for a compelling opportunity through 2015 to transition from your EZNews software to Ross Video’s powerful Inception News software.

Significant Inception News features include:
1. A modern browser based interface (access from Windows, Macs, tablets, etc.…)
2. Direct authoring & publishing to social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.…)
3. Seamless production device interface options (including MOS) for character generators, video servers, production switchers and much more.

Specific EZNews to Inception News transition packages are available to educational customers. Transition packages include:
1. A Ross Video supported file server to host the Inception News system
2. An on-site Inception News training session at your school.

Clients and those interested in obtaining more information are encouraged to call Ross Video directly at +1 608-785-1415 or visit with any questions regarding their current systems.

EZPrompt teleprompter software systems will continue to be marketed & supported.EZRoss200

Ross Video will continue to maintain the complete full time Automated Data Systems team in their original La Crosse, Wisconsin headquarters.

When asked for comment, Ross Video Newsroom System Product Specialist Matt Peschau shared “The opportunity for our educational EZNews & EZPrompt customers to join the Ross Video family & fully integrate with our complete line of end-to-end production solutions is first rate. For the benefit of your students, I strongly encourage every school to take a serious look at our offerings. The future is bright with Ross Video.”

When asked about whether or not Ross Video will continue the strong educational outreach and educational partnerships established under Automated Data Systems, Matt Peschau also shared “Yes. Ross Video will continue & expand these educational outreach efforts and partnerships with solutions. In fact, a complete Spring/Summer 2014 educational tour throughout North America has already begun. Educators have unique video production requirements & instructional needs. The Ross Video Team’s expertise & expertise in those areas will be well received by educators worldwide.”