High School Cube makes is the place to watch, share and broadcast high school events – LIVE. High School Cube helps schools showcases all that is good about high school from athletics, to performance arts to graduations at all levels including Freshman, JV and Varsity.



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The FREE live broadcasting platform provides LIVE Network quality streaming for computers, smart phones, tablets, TV and more. It also includes forever replays, one-click highlight clipping, scoreboard functionality, social media sharing, major media distribution, advertising revenue and more.

High School Cube creates a Hyper-Local TV channel for every high school across the nation - they call these “Cubes” and then provides a platform that makes it easy for schools, their coaches and their parents to Broadcast ALL of their High School Events “LIVE - in HD - for Free” from mobile devices and more.

Students, their families, friends and fans can watch these events on ANY device for FREE. And everyone can cut highlight clips of the events, tag them and share them. Plus, High School Cube records each of the events so everyone can relive these moments over and over.

And schools love it – especially the Network TV quality broadcasts. Take a look one High School Cubes School Clubs broadcasting their state football semi-final game from earlier this year:




It is easy to use to. Here’s what one of their broadcast teachers has to say about the platform:
"Excellent, easy — it just plain works."
John Pearson, Tri-Valley High School in Illinois

High School Cube has showcased more than 1,800 schools in 46 states and 7 countries LIVE. That’s a lot of happy fans, friends and family members.

Please visit  High School Cube or Call 312.445.8538 to start broadcasting your school LIVE – in HD - on HighSchoolCube.com.