US Education TV is more than an on-line streaming company, it is a full service solution for schools that want to control and own their content,

generate revenue, and build strong meaningful relationships with the communities they serve. US Education TV has its roots in the television industry, with over 30 years experience in the broadcast production business. The ability to provide its customers with personal service, to deliver the user a variety of viewing options from amazing HI-Definition to hand held viewing and to bring revenues into schools and local communities sets US Education apart from others in the field.


Generating Revenue Utilizing the US Education TV Model

Organizations can capitalize using the three basic areas of the platform; live events, archives and the ad server. Commercials and ads, made by students or provided by sponsors, can be embedded or inserted into the live feed. The archives can provide a windfall in revenue by using the password protected area to house events from years past to paying members. Of course, the ad server is a state of the art tool that provides customized banner marketing for sponsors. These are just a few of the constantly expanding revenue streams available through US Education TV.

Whitney High School (Rocklin, CA):

Last August, I was talking to STN and they told me about US Education TV and how we should give them a try. The US Education TV team worked tirelessly to help me set up my platform. Then they helped me stream my home football games. Today, I use them to host all my student produced videos. I stopped using YouTube and SchoolTube. I use them to stream all my live productions (from sports, to dance shows, to local elementary school plays). Thankfully, several members of the US Education TV team had a conference call with me last fall. They taught me how to get the community involved to support my program and they taught me where to look for funding. I took their advice and my program changed dramatically over the last 12 months. And it is because of US Education TV.

Ben Barnholdt


Many schools want to immediately produce live events because of the novelty and demand for live broadcast from many sources, US Education TV takes pride in assisting schools going live in the first week of joining US Education TV. Live production events include, but are not limited to, athletic events, awards programs, literary events and graduation. All of these events have potential for sponsorships and commercials. It is also good idea to involve others in marketing, too. This can be done through the school’s curriculum by incorporating marketing classes or with support groups such as PTAs and booster organizations. The key factor here is demonstrating to the business community that using the platform is a viable way to reach its customers in a targeted marketing campaign. (Much more effective than a sign on the field or an ad in the program.

Boys and Girls Club (Valdosta, GA):

We have secured over $150,000 in support through corporate, state and federal sources to enhance our A/V Programs this past year. The funding has allowed us to generate state-of-the-art programming that connects with funders and local community needs. The Boys & Girls Club of Valdosta has a 68-year history that is rooted in athletic and educational programs that reach all kids. This was a natural fit to the evolution of meeting the needs of kids in the 21st Century.

Marr Jansen

In your school there is a treasure to be discovered. This treasure may be found in a coach’s office, in the band room or the yearbook advisor’s classroom. What is it? Archives or reel-to-reel tapes, Beta, video tapes any old footage can be digitized and placed in the password protected network. Access to this rare footage is then sold to interested boosters. Savvy marketers can realize large returns by keeping up with class reunions or other activities that could maximize viewing of archived material. This revenue stream is perhaps the easiest to realize because there is no production required, just gather content, digitize and upload for your clients viewing pleasure. Again, there can be sponsorships and commercials for the archived material.

Educational Applications for the US Education TV Model

The US Education TV platform provides BVP programs with world-wide access to your schools content. It allows content control by the school to avoid any unwanted advertisements or content that is inappropriate for students. The platform offers Virtual School capabilities for each school. This feature allows students to access designated classrooms from home. This feature can also provide homebound students live access to lessons in real time. Archived lessons can be utilized for high stakes test reviews, remediation and acceleration. These lessons are on hand for students to use at any time. A goal for US Education TV is to have the CORE National Standards archived as taught by National Board Certified Teachers. This provides any student access to the standards and assures quality instruction for students anywhere on the planet.

The application of the US Education TV platform is obvious in the area of CTE, however the implications for academic areas is enormous. A few examples include: Script Writing, Student Instructors, Class Lessons, and the like. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Texas High School (Texarkana, TX):

It has taken us into a whole new realm of our media outreach. We can refer our viewers/followers/parents to our website with a greater about of confidence now. It has increased our viewership and awareness tremendously.

The platform also has numerous applications for staff training and evaluation. Teachers may review classroom sessions for self-efficacy and instructional improvement. Systems can use the platform for staff training and recruitment.

Charles Aldridge

It is clear to see why US Education TV is growing in leaps and bounds. The commitment to educational success, customer satisfaction, and pride in organizational excellence has set them apart. US Education TV is primed to take your organization to a whole new level.

Searcy High School (Searcy, AR):

We love the app! Our parents and community members now have the opportunity to see our shows on their phones. We also have used the prize money we got at the STN convention to buy additional equipment so we can add live events this next school year.

Jackie Rommey


For more information about US Education TV, contact Todd Bateman by phone at  (229) 686-2672 or click here