Curriculum Corner: Shooting Miniatures

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Shooting in miniature is a fun, creative way to learn basic filmmaking techniques that can then be applied when shooting on a large scale. This exercise lets students’ imaginations run wild. It challenges them on every level; creating a simple scenario, designing the set, using light creatively (big lights don’t fit on a miniature set); giving them complete creative control over their teeny-weeny environment.


This movie contains the miniature assignment and is one of the many skill exercises available in the Exercise library at

CRBell2C.R. Bell is a director of photography, filmmaker and author. His latest film, The Trout That Saved Mono Lake, has been in several film festivals and is currently on tour with The Wild and Scenic Film Festival.

In 2009, while giving a guest lecture to a college level video class, C.R. realized that students have a severe lack of knowledge in the basics of filmmaking. That eventGuerrillaGuideCover marked the genesis of his book, The Guerrilla Guide To Moviemaking. It’s lighthearted cartoon style gives young filmmakers the technical knowledge required to more professionally execute and enhance their creative vision, and shows them ways to use inexpensive tools to produce more professional looking films.

The Guerrilla Guide To Moviemaking has been embraced by the educational community as a resource for media classes at all levels from middle school to college. As an author, C.R. continues to work with media teachers and administrators to develop additional teacher’s aides such as the new Moviemaking 101/201 Curriculum Materials available at