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OVNATAS SPA PillarGet ready to show your best work. Plans are underway for the 2016 NATAS Student Production Awards video competition. The awards recognize students’ work produced between May 1, 2015 through April 30, 2016. This means the work your students are doing NOW is eligible!

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Ohio Valley NATAS Call for Entries Continues!

The Call for Entries for the 2014 High School Student Production Awards video competition hosted by the Ohio Valley Chapter of The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (OVNATAS) continues through April 30. Here’s a look at another of last year’s winners.

A thoughtful entry in a journal led Bowling Green, Kentucky high school student Jonathan Schaefer to create a video for everyone needing a little more hope in their life. “A Four Letter Word” chronicles how a normal day at school turns into a life-changing experience for a young man. The video later won Schaefer a 2013 Student Production Award in the high school Long Form – Fiction category.

When asked what inspired the winning entry, Schaefer replied in an email: “Spreading the message of ‘Hope’ was my main inspiration.”

The Bowling Green High School multimedia program is growing. Students like Schaefer learn technical and soft skills by creating the school’s news broadcast. There’s also a solid plan in place for creating tomorrow’s broadcasting and video production professionals. “Students are encouraged to complete projects that have an authentic purpose for the school, community and competitions,” wrote instructor Sandra McCoy in an email.

Students test their skills by entering several video and film competitions each year. Every production is an original, independent project based on students’ interests, and is rigorously analyzed with a focus on individual strengths and weaknesses in addition to the overall end result. “Unless work is of professional quality it will not be submitted,” says McCoy.

So, how does the program decide which competition categories are the right fit for their productions?

“I write the different categories on the board for which I feel we might be able to submit work,” McCoy says. 

“It’s up to the students to get their entries together and ready to submit.”

Competing has taught Schaefer that a great production doesn’t need a big budget, cast or crew. “All that’s needed is a special idea and people who carry your vision for the project,” he says. “If passion is put into a production, passion will be displayed on the screen.”

Schaefer offered this sage advice for other students who enter the Student Production Awards competition: Stay true to yourself. ”Know what your strengths and weaknessesOVNATAS-325 are and use them to your advantage,” he said. “Be sure to make something that you would want to watch…and most of all…HAVE FUN!”

To view the 2014 Student Production Awards competition guidelines and categories, watch winning 2013 videos and confirm that your entry is eligible within the Ohio Valley Chapter region, visit the OVNATAS website at



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