IDX Announces New Product Releases at NAB Las Vegas 2019

At the 2019 NAB Show and Convention, IDX will be showcasing the all new PowerLink IPL Series.

As the originator of PowerLinking (piggy-backing) batteries, IPL is the latest stackable battery solution for high-end cameras and accessories where very long runtimes are required. The IPL Series includes two models, the IPL-98 & IPL-150 with capacities of 96Wh & 143Wh respectively. The main feature for the PowerLink Series batteries is the ability to be linked and considerably extend continuous shooting times. No battery is complete without a charger, and with travel being a large part of most productions, IDX has developed the all new four channel (2+2) simultaneous VL-4X v-mount charger which is both compact and lightweight. The included AC adapter can also serve as a 90W DC power supply. With a product line-up that can assist in many applications, IDX will also display the recently released DUO-C150 (143Wh), and the robust CUED300 with a capacity of nearly 300Wh.


IDX invites visitors to come to booth C8612 to get a demonstration of these exciting products.

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