What I Am Excited To See At NAB 18

3 days. 72 hours. 4,320 minutes. 259,200 seconds.

That is the amount of time I will be in Las Vegas for NAB 2018. I plan to take advantage of each of the over 250,000 seconds. NAB is more than just a trade show or convention. There are over 1700 content creation or support exhibitors at NAB this year.

NAB for me has been an opportunity to prepare myself for the future so I can better prepare my students for their future. The opportunity comes in the form of relationships. NAB is a place for me to build and refresh relationships. From the many partners of SchoolVideoNews.com to the new relationships, I cherish anytime I get to spend with “industry people” because it allows me to stay fresh in the classroom. A major concern for me is to lose contact with the outside world and my classroom become stagnant and these relationships help prevent that. I love to meet with those that I talk with throughout the year and see what’s coming for them in the next year and well, yeah, I guess it's obvious, I also like to write about how that can impact the classroom.

Now to the good stuff…as a members of the media, we get glimpses into the future via press releases and rumors. Some of these rumors never come to be but most are on point especially as we get this close to the show.

I am super excited to see the SportzCast Control Room. Here’s a simple rundown on the concept - IP camera posted at an event, connected to the Sportzcast unit, which is connected to the scoreboard for the event live streamingExcited01 a game without any other work other than controlling the broadcast remotely. A couple of weeks ago the Sportzcast Control Room was put to the test in Florida for over 150 games broadcast from 3 venues with one operator simply monitoring the feeds! See the games here (http://www.usfseries.com/2018-tournaments). One camera with connection to the Sportzcast Control Room and the scoreboard at each field and they were good to go! Imagine how great that would be for you. Make the connections, open Control Room, start the stream and you are good to go no matter where you are!

I talked with Dana at Rollo Cam last week and they have a new slider that is going to make waves. The Hercules Smart tripod is a slider that isn’t bound to rails. Simply set it up with the pattern you want - straight, arc, or pano - open the app and the bluetooth connected slider does what you tell it via the app. The best part - the Hercules Smart folds small enough to fit in your pocket! That’s right a slider that fits in your pocket. I can’t wait to see it in action next week at NAB. I could say more but the video does it more justice than I can.


Telestream always has a “can’t miss” set up at NAB and this year will be no different. Wirecast has been a huge part of our program for so many years. I always look forward to what they have up their sleeve. Every time I do a little digging, Telestream is working on something else to streamline the productionExcited02 process with Wirecast. It’s amazing when you think of the number of products that are encapsulated within the software. Make sure you check back to see our interview with Andrew Haley.

I got the opportunity earlier this year to work with LiveU and I am excited to see what they have to offer at NAB. Don Blaine, LiveU’s Gadget Professsor will be live all week at the LiveU Studio showing off the LU600. The LU6000 offers you the ability to stream live around the world...literally. I used our unit in places that I thought I would never be able to get footage and I was using the Live U solo which is the simplest model. (Check out that review here)

The final thing I am most excited to see is what the guys at Henry Engineering have called the “missing link” in production for schools. I can’t tell you a lot but what I do know is that not only will this unit change the way you broadcast sports but it is one of the most affordable solutions I have ever seen in this category. It’s a game changer.

I feel like I am using excited too much…so I will try not to during this segment. (Written form of the 4th wall) BlackMagic Design has provided us with a URSA Broadcast camera to use while we are at NAB. I am beyond impressed so far. I have used it in the studio and in the classroom to test lighting, lenses, etc. I have a full review of my first thoughts here.

I am excited to hit the ground running while we are in Las Vegas. I am also excited to share our experience here with you guys. We will have articles and interviews posted throughout the week and will find things that matter for you and your classroom. If there is something in particular you would like for us to cover, shoot me an email at .

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