Til Next Year: Ill Be Back!

As the great human race saving machine once said, “I’ll be back.”

As you are reading this I am probably 30,000 feet over Oklahoma on the way home. To say that NAB is life changing is an understatement. I love spending time with industry pros and love to see pros who feel the same way as they gaze across the show floor.

This year’s coverage of NAB allowed us to meet with people from all over the world and get to know them and their products better. One of my highlights of the show is sitting with Dan May of BlackMagic Design and hearing about the new developments in all of their products. The winner of the show in my opinion is a tie between the ATEM Television Studio Pro 4k and the Pocket Cinema Camera 4k. These two products show the continuing evolution of the video production world and how companies must adapt and change in order to meet these new changing trends.

The product I was most interested in learning more about was Sling Studio and Jeffrey Sasagawa and Back01Dorothy Kelly knocked it out of the park. Jeffrey’s knowledge about the product helped me to really wrap my hands around what can be done with Sling Studio. Dorothy said something that changed my perspective on the product in that they are not aiming to replace any other products we may be using, instead they are looking for ways to augment ways we are doing things. I love the idea of the wireless hub setup especially when Jeffrey told me how a camera can be used in center field for a baseball game simply by using the Sling Studio and the wireless capabilities.

Andrew Haley’s conversation about Telestream and how they are working to continue to innovate was made evident last week when they announced their partnership with xkeys on the forthcoming Wirecast 9 (yes, I know it’s in beta). Wirecast is a great option for schools not only due to the price point but also due to the number of tools you can use including NDI.

I enjoyed sitting with Dana Smith from Rollo Cam today and seeing what a slider the fits in your pocket can Back02really do! Speaking of doing some special things - LiveU had a great set up and were live pretty much every time we walked by.

It felt like waiting for Christmas to even talk about the Sports Caster from Henry Engineering and now I have to wait 2 more months to get my hands on one.

This week has been great as I also got to know Tom Wilson from North Canton High School and Jamie Landers from the Cronkite School at Arizona State University. We got to work closely over the last 2 days with Tom as the producer and Jamie as the talent.

I am excited to say that we are already in the planning phase for next year including how to get you more content faster!

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From somewhere over the midwest, I say thank you for continuing to read our work and making SchoolVideoNews.com the resource it is.