The Hardest Part Of NAB

Right now, I am experiencing the hardest part of NAB - not a window seat on the plane though that was tough for 4.5 hours..

HardestTomI live in Georgia and the 3 hour time difference means that I am wide awake and ready to go… but the show doesn’t open for 4 more hours! I remember as a child, I wasn’t able to go down the hall on Christmas morning until my mother and my sister were awake and ready. I have that feeling how. Sure, I’m in Las Vegas and there are 945,483 things I could do but I only want to do one… go to the show.

Today we are are tackling the central hall of the show. We have interviews set up with a ton of people including Padcaster, Ross Video, LIveU and more. The exciting thing about NAB is that you don’t know what you are going to get yourself into. Seriously, there are thousands of exhibitors showing off everything from ¼-20 adapters through full blown broadcast trucks and satellite rigs.

I am really excited to put the BlackMagic Design Ursa Broadcast to the test over the next 48 hours. We set Hardest02it up with an EF lens mount and I brought a nifty 50 and a 18-55mm kit lens. I used the camera for some staged interviews last week and it performed amazingly. I tried to push its limits but a simple light set and good mic positioning made the videos pop, This week, I have the camera mounted with a good quick release plate and Audio Technica System 10 microphones and will shoot 20 or 30 interviews today and tomorrow so it will be put to the test for sure.

Other than hitting the buffet tonight after walking 10 miles or so carrying the rig, I am most excited to talk with Hank from Henry Engineering. I am so ready to let the cat out of the bag about what he has been working on. I assure you that if you do live broadcasts, especially sports, you will love what he has put together over the last couple of weeks. I wrote a month or so ago about the Sports Pod and how it changed our broadcasts. This new product will not only take the Sports Pod to the next level, it will take everything you do in a live setting to the next level.

Make sure you follow us on Facebook ( as we post all week from the show. If you are at NAB, shoot me a message at and let’s chat and do a shout out to your school.