NAB 17: Vitec/Teradek

The Real Winner at NAB….

If you went to NAB 17 and didn’t visit the Vitec booth, you, my friend, are a loser. Not personally, just you didn’t win NAB 17. The Vitec Group’s display at NAB 17 was huge. As an educator, the booth had everything we need in the classroom - batteries, teleprompters, tripods, switchers, and streaming solutions!

AntonBauerAnton Bauer featured a ton of new power supply options. The Digital G 90 ( are 90 watt hour batteries were the king of the booth with powerful lithium ion power plant in a super rugged case. Joe T from Anton Bauer demonstrated throughout the week that cases on these lightweight batteries can withstand being dropped or even thrown to the ground.

Autocue presented a wide array of teleprompter solutions including the starter series. The winner of the starter series atAutoCue NAB was the DLSR Teleprompter package ( which uses the 12.9 in iPad pro. These field-ready teleprompters are the first to offer up to 15 foot reading distance. This paired with the through the lens application and the price makes the AutoCue a must-have for educators.

SachtlerIf you are looking for a professional grade tripod, the Vitec group had the answer as well with the Sachtler FSB 10 ( ) . The FSB10 paired with a great set of legs will give you support for up to 26 lbs of camera and rigging. The 5 stop drag and 10 point counterbalance in the head makes it a great option for smooth panning shots. The fluid head is durable and ready for the world.

Lite Panels ( lit up the convention floor with the improved Astra and Sola models. Taking care of increasing the light output while decreasing the power consumption the Astra and Sola models are a great option in education. These cool to the touch LED lights mean students can set-up, shoot, and strike in a single class period without the need to plan the amount of time needed for the lights to cool.

Teradek ( set flight onVidiu new encoders that will help make your live streaming efforts easy and more efficient. Embracing and making the new HEVC codec market ready, Teradek brandished several new encoder options for the Cube, Slice, and T-rax devices. HEVC, also known as H.265, is a new compression standard that allows for the same performance and quality of H.264 encoding at half the previous bandwidth. Why this matters to you; if you are streaming with cellular adapter or other method, you will have half the data consumption as before. Also, new at Teradek was the Vidiu Pro which allows streaming to multiple sources. Previously, you had to decide if you were going to go to a service like Facebook Live or Youtube. Now you no longer have to choose - send your video to both!

The Vitec group really created an exciting display space for everyone that visited. The group provided end to end solutions for video professionals both in studio and in the field. Walking away from the booth I realized that Vitec provided everything you need to produce great products with the exception of talent and a camera.