Kavli Video Contest - Call for Entries

smalllogoGrades 6-12 students compete for the chance to win $2000 (first prize) and a travel stipend to Washington DC to attend the festival.


PBS NewsHour Uses Pinterest to Find Out What Keeps Kids in School

pinterest2Every year, more than 1.3 million students drop out of high school.

That’s 7,000 students a day dropping out for many reasons, most of which are largely personal and reflective of a student’s circumstances at home, school and in the community.pinterest

But what about those who are in school - why do they get up early every morning and persist in their education, despite the challenges?

A multimedia project from PBS NewsHour Extra and the American Graduate project has kids answer that question by choosing and describing a photo that illustrates their motivation to go to school. Then, using the newly popular social media platform Pinterest, students display their photos on a virtual “pinboard” that others can react to and share.

NewsHour Extra, the educational resource site of the PBS NewsHour, has developed a lesson plan to get classrooms involved in the Pinterest project. Students can choose a fair use photo or take their own, describe why what’s in the photo motivates them to go to school in 500 words or less, and e-mail the response to . Then, the NewsHour team will pin their contributions to the online pinboard.

In addition to building writing and multimedia skills, this project taps into kids’ creativity and asks them to visually represent a complex idea in a unique format. The NewsHour Extra team hopes your students will join the project!

Kavli Foundation "Save the World" Video Contest

kavliLogo00The USA Science & Engineering Festival, in association with the Kavli Foundation, is launching the " Save the World Through Science and Engineering" video contest.


VideoBlocks Launches Contest for K-12 Educators

VideoBlocks.com, a subscription-based website for downloading stock video and audio, is excited to announce that it is sponsoring a photo contest for students and their advisors.


Quest for the Gold in Kansas City

During my freshman year of high school, my teacher, Mr. Sanders, came up to me and a group of friends and informed us of a competition called SkillsUSA.