Teradek Bolt LT: the Essential Wireless Video Solution for Schools

We learned at NAB that Teradek’s Bolt line of zero-delay wireless video products are receiving some incredible upgrades, most important for schools being a new low-cost version that still gets the same wireless power the Bolts are known for! The Bolt LT.

What Is It?

If you’re not familiar with the Teradek Bolt, it’s a transmitter & receiver set that connects to your HDMI or SDI video source (camera, monitor, switcher, etc.) and sends the feedBolt 1000 LT 1 1 Antennas 350 wirelessly and instantly to the receiver, which is connected to the output device of your choice. We’ve seen schools that have implemented Bolts for their sports and live production projects, where roaming cameras needed to get a video feed to a switcher for broadcasting. It’s an excellent tool for capturing unique angles to better engage the audience, or situations where cables are too obstructive.

The Bolt LT features incredible, high-resolution 1080p60 wireless video that transports a zero delay signal with no need for additional lip-sync from transmitter to receiver, with either 500 ft. or 1000 ft. ranges. Both transmitter & receiver have SDI or HDMI connections, and have optional Sony L-series or Canon LP-E6 battery plates for easy, portable powering options.

How Does It Benefit Your School?

Now that Teradek has launched the Bolt LT at an affordable price point, wireless video has opened up for even more schools. But is it a good investment just for live stream productions? Well, in many cases high schools & universities have been using Teradek Bolts for their film production and TV production classes too! Students can utilize the units for filmmaking or broadcasting (morning announcements, indie film, etc.) projects, and at the same time learn about new media technologies that will prepare them for a future in production.

And don’t forget your normal production needs as well. Say your production team wants to use handheld cameras for the homecoming game, or capture that moment a student receives his diploma. With zero-delay wireless video, getting those right shots effectively is now possible with the Bolt LT.

Want to see if Bolt is right for your school? Check out Teradek’s Bolt website here, or give them a call to discuss how wireless video can work for your school.