Grip and Lighting

Lesson From:
The Guerrilla Guide To Moviemaking, "How to make a professional looking film or video when you have limited resources", RIck Bell, ISBN 9780615457000

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Manual Focus

Most consumer camcorders, point and shoot cameras, and smartphones not only rely on auto focus, but don’t even have the option of manual focus.

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“Sound is arguably on par with video as the most important element to be able to manipulate and control during production and post production.

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The DSLR Revolution: Is it right for you?


This Special Issue is a culmination of untold many long hours fiddling with cameras and trying to get a shot to work in the DSLR video arena. The transition from shooting with film or standard video to working with a DSLR is an exciting and daunting prospect. It is a combination of technological knowledge and a lot of trial and error.

This is a "live" Special Issue! Check back often both here and in School Video News for new articles and lesson plans.

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