Best Camera For ...

Here are recommendations for the top cameras in various categories:


Best All-Around Camera: Canon 50 Mark II The Canon 5D Mark II (Top right), in our opinion, is the top camera if you want to shoot a film on an DSLR camera.Best01 The full-frame sensor absorbs light in a way that all the other DSLR cameras don't. Having no crop factor when using old or new still lenses is a huge plus, so you can actually find and get wide­angle shots with little to no distortion.

Best Camera for Low Light: Nikon 03S The Nikon D3S (Middle right) is the best option for Nikon cameras because it is the only Nikon model with full manual control while shooting video. As a filmmaker, it is absolutely necessary to adjust your camera from take to take and from scene to scene. Also, the D3S is the best performer of all DSLR cameras in low light. No other DSLR camera can shoot usable video up to 25,000 ISO. If you need to shoot in complete darkness, then this is our recommendation.

Best Micro Four-Thirds/Mirrorless Camera: Panasonic GH2 The Panasonic GH2 (Lower right) is a huge step up from the GHl. It has much better performance in low-light situations than the original. It has audio metering built into the camera but not yet professional-quality audio;Best02 still, it's better than the Canon audio options. It comes with a built-in electric viewfinder (EVF), which is a huge help in stabilizing the camera while shooting. Usable ISO range can stretch to 2500 to 3200, so it performs well in low-light situations.

Best Camera for Stills and Video Usage: Canon 70 If you are shooting video and equally taking stills with your camera, then the Canon 7D is probably your best choice for all-around camera. The 5D Mark II comes close, but if you are not primarily shooting video with your camera, then the 7D narrowly wins this category.

Best Camera on a Budget: Canon T2i The camera is the best value for your money if you are on a limited budget.

Best Camera for Stop Motion or Time Lapse: Canon 50 Mark II Without a doubt, the full-frame sensor has seduced the time-lapse world. Seeing is believing, so search the Web for SD Mark II time lapse and see for yourself. One of the pioneers of the time-lapse space is Tom Lowe. Check out Best03his work with the 5D Mark II at

Best Camera for Firmware Modifications: Panasonic GH1, Canon T2i, or Canon 50 Mark II All three cameras have firmware "hacks" that add functionality to them. The modifications range from increasing the data rate, adding on-screen audio monitors, adding custom crop marks, and creating video peaking. Do an online search to find out the latest with these "hacks" and see whether you are interested in trying the firmware modifications.