Satellite Students Make LACUE a Hit

We took the SVN Broadcast Center to the LACUE annual conference in New Orleans late November and were overwhelmed with the growth of this outstanding organization.

Notwithstanding the fact that New Orleans is a fantastic city for a group, LACUE continues to offer its members outstanding opportunities to learn and network with theirLACUE01 peers and industry experts. This year’s event had almost 2000 attendees from Louisiana and parts of Texas, and more than 150 vendors.

Once again, School Video News partnered with Pizazz and EZNews to produce interviews and video highlights of the conference.  Pizazz demonstrated the latest in equipment available to schools featuring the NewTek TriCaster line for video production and managed the technical productions.  EZNews provided the newsroom management software that allowed our team of students to quickly and easily produce the three newscasts and various interviews.  Both Pizazz and EZNews have many installations in LA and Texas as well as worldwide.

Lacue09SVN’s feature author Albert Dupont drew on his students from the Satellite Center, part of the St. Charles Parish Public Schools in Luling, LA.  We had Videograper/Editors Josh Stoker, Trevor Arthur and Austin Bergeron and our Reporter/Anchors Catherine Cole and Mya LaGrange producing our three newscasts and many many interviews with attendees and exhibitors. You can see some of them by clicking HERE.

We asked Catherine Cole and Mya LaGrange to give us their impressions of the LACUE experience:

I am a senior in high school, and I currently attend the Satellite Center in St. Charles Parish. At Satellite Center, weLacue10 have the most updated software  possible, so as result I have a lot of experience working with broadcasting tools. However, coming into School Video News’ conference at LACUE, I was still extremely nervous. I was asked to be a reporter and being a reporter is definitely not my forte. I have always edited and directed, and this was a whole new ball game for me. Almost equal with my nerves was my excitement.

School Video News challenged me in ways I never expected to be challenged. As a result, I greatly grew as a broadcasting student. I had to do everything from writing the script, filming the interviews, editing the PSAs, and being the talent on camera. It’s such a rare opportunity to get this kind of opportunity. Though it was very serious and I was busy the entire time I was Lacue12doing the conference, it was hands down one of the most fun opportunities I’ve had in a long time. I would do it again in a heartbeat. It definitely made me question if I still want to strictly go for Film in college, or maybe if I should consider a broadcasting journey instead to ultimately be a reporter. One thing is for sure: I definitely learned a whole lot in a very short amount of time.

And Mya LaGrange wrote:

When given the task of working on the School Video News broadcasts at LACUE, I was a little nervous; however, excitement was definitely the leading emotion. From a young age, I’ve known whole-heartedly that broadcast journalism was a passion of mine and what I, in turn, wanted to do with my life. I’ve watched news, national and local, for about as long as I can remember, but to actually be a part of the broadcasting process at this level and pace was something brand new to me.
As a student of the Satellite Center in Luling, Louisiana, I have been exposed to state of the art equipment and have been a part of our sports broadcast, On The Prowl; however, the fast-paced process I was introduced to at LACUE was a new challenge. I went out and got the story, edited it, wrote up a script, and went straight into the broadcast.

Working with School Video News at LACUE was one of the best experiences I have ever been a part of. It gave me a broad view of broadcast and training in several areas such as film, editing, script-writing, and hosting. Taking part in this wonderful opportunity is definitely something that will help me in pursuing my goals of becoming a news anchor.

Catherine Cole (left) is a senior in high school at the Satellite Center in Luling, Louisiana. She is currently enrolled in the Advanced Broadcasting class and plans to attendCole01 Louisiana State University for Broadcasting Journalism next year.

Mya LaGrange (right) is a senior and honor student at Destrehan High School in Destrehan, Louisiana. She studies Advanced TV Broadcasting atLaGrange01 the Satellite Center in Luling, Louisiana. She aspires to become a political news correspondent, and next year she will begin her journalism studies at the University of Missouri.

If you would like the SVN Broadcast Center at your next conference, please contact us by email at  or by phone at 734-470-6782.