Book Review: Writing and Reporting: News You Can Use

Tammy Trujillo’s Writing and Reporting: News You Can Use is an awesome resource for both students and educators.

As a high school broadcast journalism teacher, I was impressed by how much “stuff” this book includes!

The book is 215 pages and is split up into 7 different sections, making it easy to navigate and explore different topics. Within each section, there are more specific chapters that walk students through the basics of news, including ethics, rules and regulations, writing accurate and appropriate stories, professionalism, and life after leaving the classroom.

One section of the book focuses on social media, which I found to be extremely helpful, especially since our broadcast journalism program has been working to create a bigger social media presence. While most high school students have social media, they may not know how to use it effectively, but knowing the ins and outs of social media is important in today’s world, especially the broadcast world. As Trujillo says, “It is likely that social media activity will be part of your job description as a radio or TV news writer, reporter or anchor.” This section discusses the role of social media in broadcasting and provides insight on using it correctly.

Along with the social media section, Section III: Time to Write, and Section IV: Working with Audio and Video, were, in my opinion, the most valuable chapters. These chapters cover the basics: everything from picking the right stories and writing for the news, to interviewing the right people and asking the right questions. There’s also information about putting together a full news package. All of these are skills specific to what my students work on in broadcast journalism; however, the book goes beyond reaching those in the high school classroom. I believe this book is also valuable for educators, college students, and even those already working in the broadcast business.

Each section of Trujillo’s book begins with industry vocabulary and ends with practice exercises. As an instructor, I love that! These exercises allow students to practice the skills discussed in each chapter as they build their knowledge of the industry.

I feel confident that I can use the information, vocabulary, and practice exercises from Trujillo’s book to help prepare my high school students for college, internships, and careers. Being able to take part in the broadcast journalism program in high school gives my students invaluable experiences, and this book is a great resource that will help ensure my students are ready to take on the real world.

About the Author

Tammy Trujillo is an award-winning radio news anchor and talk show host with over 30 years' experience in the Los Angeles market and is currently the lead Professor of Broadcasting at Mr. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA, as well as Director of its two campus radio stations.  Tammy Trujillo is a member of SAG-AFTRA, a former Board Member of the Associated Press Television and Radio Association, a Hall of Fame member at Long Beach City College and a member of Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters. 

Table of Contents



What is News and Where Does it Come From
What Do People Want from a Newscast?
The Rules and Regularions - Avoiding Legal Problems


Ethical and Moral Newswriting
News Judgement - How to Pick the Right Stories
Writing the News
Re-Write and Then Re-Write It Again
Types of Stories
Teases, Promos and Headlines
Enterprising Stories
Creating Series of Multi-part Stories
Public Affairs and Public Sercie Announcements
Other Types of News


Types of Audio and Video
Effective Interviewing
Selecting and Writing with Interview Clips


Writing for Internew Usage
Packaging for Multi-media
Social Media as a NEws Source


The Right Attitude and Approach
Looking Like a Pro


The Life of a News Professional
Creating and Marketing Your Demo
News Test and Interviews
Making Your First Career Move


Ordering information:

Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Routledge
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1138-284272

Dani Wackerly teaches Broadcast Journalism, and English 9 at North Canton's Hoover High School. This is her 6th year teaching Englishand 2nd year teaching broadcast. She graduated from Ohio University in 2012, summa cum laude with a degree in Adolescent to Young Adult Integrated Language Arts Education. This is her third year co-producing SVN's coverage of the Ohio Education Technical Conference in Columbus, Ohio and the Ohio Scholastic Media Association Conference at Kent State University.

In addition to teaching Ms. Wackerly coaches the JV cheerleading team (4 years) and is Head of the Literature Review Committee



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